Christine, I will never forget you! You will live on in my heart and you will live on in the hearts of so many people who loved you. You have been the most incredible woman I've ever met in my whole life. Warm-hearted, lovely, creative, full of ideas and power. Many people looked up to you and still do. We all love you so much and we will miss you so much.
With you I'm losing a close friend and a woman I loved so much. You felt like an aunt to me.
I always called you "aunt Christine" and it felt so real. It was destiny we met several years ago.
We planned a shooting in April and it makes me so sad that we will not be able to do it.
But you will live on forever! There won't be a day I will not think of you.
Love you forever,


Christine was the greatest beauty and woman of all time.
Women like me wish they would have that gorgeous aura and beauty like she had.

She was so incredibly warm-hearted, grounded and natural.
All her beauty was and is still real. Everything.