Last year in 2017 my husband and I took our longest trip ever to discover (mostly the south of) England and Scotland. We've been to south England before two times and we just LOVED it! Even if we've had bad weather most of the time in Scotland, it was just amazing. The last trip for just the two of us before we would became parents ;-) We started in London where we spent our time sick in bed haha - and museums of course. After London, we headed over to Bornemouth visit a great childhood friend of mine and her boyfriend. Starting from there straight to the north of Great Britian we also stopped by some Harry Potter filming locations (you can see the Hogwards Express in the pictures), visited Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye and many more wonderful countrysides and sightseeings (like the Dinosaur Footprint, Oxford University, the great Talisker & Dalwhinnie distilleries and so on) by just driving around :-) I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our trip!