In a world, far beyond any imaginations - where dragons rule the skies and  bravery is a need to survive - there is a woman who stands against all the darkness surrounding her...

In 2015  and 2016, my wonderful, lovely and powerful friend Maddie and my humble self had a vision of absolutely amazing Skyrim pictures.
Maddie made an absolutely awesome and breathtaking Skyrim armour and we had two super cool (literally!) shootings in the winter of 2015 and fall of 2016.
It was so much fun and the magic of Skyrim was all around us.
When I edited the pictures I was always listening to the Skyrim soundtrack. The soundtrack really cast a spell over me. I was dreaming of the magical forests, the creatures and the whole magic of Skyrim. I took ingame screenshots of the flying dragons and needed hundrets of Photoshop levels and brushes to draw and create a real life Skyrim world.
I hope you'll enjoy the pictures as much as we do.


Wohooo! I still can't believe it! In April 2017 my Skyrim pictures have been featured in the magazine "Chip Foto Video" - a national magazine for photographers and people who are interested in photography.
It has a monthly sale over 43.000 copies in Germany and you can find it in almost every store! Many, many thanks to the Chip Foto Video team and the lovely editor Stefanie Biberger who wrote the article!!!

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